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Austin Fence Company 512-949-8943 is rated high for Fence Austin when you search for it do to the great response from our clients. Your positive comments and high ratings have helped us thrive in the industry. Every time we get a client that is satisfied with our company they let people know about our service and through word of mouth we have thrived in the fence business in Austin TX. We have found that a customer who is happy with our work becomes a walking advertisement. I know when I get a good service I tell people about it. Fence Austin TX is the most popular search term in Austin TX for fencing. We are ranked on the front page for a reason. Hard work pays off in the end. It takes time, hard work, and dedication to get far in this business. We have spent a lot of time in all of these aspects of the company. I have found that our clients would rather have quality over quantity  Each company can give you a lower price on a quote by using lesser grade materials and cheaper less skilled builders. We have weeded out the builders who are not top notch fence builders in Austin TX. Our company will not use fence builders who are not dedicated to the fence company that they work for. Some Fence Builders in Austin Texas work for more than one fence company. We do not allow this at The Austin Fence Company. Call us today for a quote on your fence in Austin TX

Fence Austin TX

Fence Austin TX


Fence Builders Austin TX 512-949-8943

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We are here to make your fence installation project go as smoothly as possible and have you loving the way your back yard looks for years to come. Visit our companies photo gallery or call us for a free quote at 512-949-8943. We have knowledgeable salesman that will show you many fence styles and help you with a unique design of your own. Our fence builders in Austin TX are here to serve you. As fence builders in Austin TX we have a responsibility to provide top quality fence construction to all of our clients. We thrive on customer satisfaction and the word of mouth that brings us business.

Fence Builders in Austin Texas 512-949-8943

We enjoy building fences in Austin TX and we enjoy our clients reactions to our finished project. Every job we do is just as important as the last. We take our time to make sure everything is done right and the way that our clients want it. Not all fence builders in Austin TX take the time to make sure everything is done the way their clients want it, and that is why we like to meet with our clients when we finish our project to make sure that there is not anything that needs to be changed before we ask for our final check.

Austin TX fence Builders 512-949-8943

Fence Austin Texas

Fence Companies in Austin TX

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Fence Austin Texas

Austin Fence Companies in Austin TX 512-949-8943 post on Fence Austin Texas is a very vast post with a bit of info from around the fence Austin Texas world. We have been asked a lot of questions about fence costs, styles, types how to, and design. We started this blog to give you the client a chance to ask any questions that you may have about fencing with the opportunity to have your voice heard and questions answered.

Feel free to ask us anything about fences or fence construction. We have worked hard to get the reputation that we have and we want you to know that we are customer friendly, and if we can save you money by answering a question for you we will be glad to do so.

You should check our main website http://www.austinironfence.com to request a quote online or to look at the several different designs of Fence Austin Texas that we have to offer. We have the best builders  in Austin Texas and are proud to show it. We are an Austin Fence Company who cares about our quality and reputation.


Austin Fence Company 512-949-8943

The Austin Fence Company in Austin Texas has custom wood fence installers, cedar privacy fence builders, cedar picket fence installers, chain link fence builders, iron fence installers, pvc fence builders, bull panel fence installers, security fence builders, farm and ranch fence installers, shadow box cedar picket fence builders, cap and trim cedar picket fence installers, we also build and install ornamental iron gates and automatic gate openers.

The Austin Fence Company serves Austin,TX Round Rock,TX Bastrop,TX Cedar Park, Kyle, Buda, Dripping Springs, West Lake Hills, Elgin, Manor, Lakeway, Leander, San Marcos, Lockhart, Kerrville and other surrounding cities in Texas.

Fence Comany recommendations in Austin Texas

The Austin Fence Company 512-949-8943 Gets a lot of recommendations due to the fact that we do great work. In any business word of mouth beats any other form of advertising. Fence company recommendations in Austin Texas are not hard to come buy when you do great work and you make sure your clients are satisfied. One thing that I’ve learned that every time I get a recommendation for a fence job is that doing quality work and not cutting corners goes a long way. I am doing a few projects in South Austin in Circle C Ranch that were earned by recommendations. It’s such an awesome feeling to get a phone call from someone who got my number from a client who gave my company’s info to them as a quality fence recommendation. It helps in so many ways. One of the costs of doing business is advertising and when you get jobs from the word of mouth that means less money is needed to be spent on ads and more money is being made without spending as much on ads. I am very thankful for every fence recommendation in Austin Texas that I’ve ever received. Sometimes the fence recommendations have a snowball effect to were I will get three or four jobs out of doing one quality fence project. Austin Texas is a great place to live and run a business. The Idea of trying to run a fence company without fence recommendations is something I would not want to have to do. For all of you other fence companies in Austin Texas who are reading this post keep in mind that the better you communicate with your clients, the better your quality of materials that you use are, the quality of your craftsmanship is, and your relationship with your employees are all factors that in the end you will get more fence company recommendations in Austin Texas. Thank you Austin for all of the positive feedback, online reviews, and fence company recommendations. Visit us at http://www.austinironfence.com to see our work and to see what kind of special offers we have running at this current time.

Fence Companies in Austin TX 512-949-8943

It is the off season in Austin Texas for fence companies. This is the best time off year for clients to get the best prices on fences. When the demand for fence installation is not very high the supply is cheaper. This is the most basic off all basics in business. This time off year is when fence customers will find the best prices all year round to have their fence installation projects done. The busy season is not here! This is the time of year that all of us fence builders have not been waiting for. It takes a lot out of us to go through the slow season, but we always manage. I believe that God sees us all through the tough times, sometimes by the skin of our teeth. I just wanted to check in with everyone and let them know that it is time for you to get busy getting great deals on home improvement. Fence builders in Austin, TX  do not have a lot of fences to build here over the next few months so get ready to save money on your home improvement projects

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Fence companies in Austin TX have plenty of options when it comes to fence styles to install. We have our common styles such as cedar privacy and our custom styles like our cap and trim fence. We install all styles of wood, iron, and custom fences. As one of the leading fence companies in Austin TX we choose to use the best fence materials and the best fence builders.

fence companies in Austin TX 512-949-8943

Call us to have one of our project managers help you with your fence design for your fence project. We have the best fence designs of all fence companies in Austin TX.

Austin Texas fence recommendations

Austin Texas fence recommendations

Austin Texas fence recommendations

The best way to find  is by searching Austin Fence Company reviews.

If you are a quality fence company you will receive fence recommendations. The best way to gain new clients is through your old ones. Word of mouth is the best way to get your reputation to the point were you will find yourself gaining jobs without spending money on advertising.

It is an honer to get a job from somebody who has heard about your company from someone who has had you build a fence for them. Getting an Austin Texas fence recommendation means that you are doing something right. When you keep in close contact with your fence clients you will find that every project has a better chance of going off without a hitch.

Fence recommendations in Austin Texas are not hard to come by if you do hard, honest, and quality work. You will be able to find Austin Texas fence recommendations by visiting websites that have places for clients to leave recommendations on the fence that they had built for them. Such sites are yahoo local, google places, city serch, super pages and others.

Each fence company usually has at least one bad review due to the fact that not everyone can be pleased, but the company you choose should have at least a 90% approval rating. Well folks I am going to cut out for tonight, but if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment here and I will respond to you quickly.
















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Fence contractors Austin TX 512-949-8943

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 Fence contractors Austin TX 512-949-8943

wood fence austin tx with cap

wood fence austin tx with cap

This is the first blog on the austin fence company. I would like to start off by telling you that when your dealing with fence companies in Austin

Texas you have many fence contractors in Austin TX to choose from. Some of these fence companies are good , and some are very bad.

I would like to inform you that fence contractors in Austin TX for most fence companies here in Austin are sub contractors. These guys can very rarely be trusted. They are good for a while and then they turn to crud. These subs try to impress the fence company owners to secure work. Once they have accomplished this they start to demand more money, better footage jobs, extra money for the smallest bit of work that is needed to finish the job. Like they will want $30.00 to cut down one branch that takes three minutes to do.

Fence contractors in Austin TX

I as a fence contractor in Austin TX I have learned all of this and would like to share this info with you if you have not figured it out on your own. The best way to deal with this is to cut it off before it gets worse. In order to keep your subs honest is to pay them right from the start.

Austin TX fence contractors

Austin TX fence contractors 949-8943

This information is more for the owners of Austin fence companies. I hope you guys have learned this the easy way , but if not pay attention to what I’ve said here. Fence contractors in Austin TX will enjoy this page as it was designed for you.

Austin Fence Company Reviews

Austin Texas Fence Reviews

It is very important to hear from other people how the fence companies in Austin Texas have done for them on their fence projects.

I believe the best way of advertising is word of mouth. If you don’t have someone in Austin Texas to give you a referral I suggest to go online and search Austin Fence Companies Reviews. You will see several fence companies in Austin Texas that have great reviews, and some fence companies in Austin Texas that have very poor reviews.

I know that you can’t please everyone in the fence business. Most clients in Austin write fair reviews, and some unhappy clients go the extra mile to write reviews that will make a fence company in Austin look as bad as they can.

I have found that an unhappy client is a lot more likely to write a review than a client that is pleased with the job the fence company in Austin, Texas has done for them. I find it unfurtunate also that the unhappy clients will try to make your fence company look as bad as possible.

I have been fortunate to have only five star reviews u to this point, but I dread the day I get a bad fence review. I have done research on other fence companies in Austin Texas and have found that if a client is unhappy they will write a very detailed review. Those reviews seem to be a lot longer and really seem to ream the fence company out.

It takes a lot of communication with your clients in order to keep them pleased. It also helps to avoid getting to the point to were you will receive a bad review. I recently have dealt with a client who had me do a lot of extra work on her fence, but it was what she wanted me to do it so I did. This ended up costing me more money to please this client, but it is worth it to have happy clients than a client that will leave a bad review for your fence company.

Some people will take advantage of you if you give them the impression that you are worried about a negative review. I had a friend of mine receive a bad review just because he wouldn’t give his client a large discount simply for being one day late on the finish date on the contract. This caused him a job or two I’m sure, and it is not fair.

If you are looking to buy a fence from a fence company in Austin just beware that we can’t please everyone so don’t let one bad review change your mind on using that fence company in Austin. Like I said before the clients that leave bad reviews will try to make the fence company look as bad as they can. This should not be the only review you pay attention to.

Austin has so many fence companies to choose from so please take your time to look over the online fence company

Austin Fence Company Fence

Austin Fence Company

reviews to find a fence company that has mostly good reviews, and get at least three bids. Pay attention to the fence companies overall record and give those fence companies a chance to bid your fence project.

Being a fence company owner in Austin I have found that I have plenty of good competition. I never talk bad about any fence company and believe that their records speak volumes. Not all fence companies in Austin Texas have online records so if you plan on using the phone book to look for a fence company that is a member of the B.B.B. and look up their record. Keep in mind that not every fence company can please every client, but for the most part these fence companies should   have only one complaint if that.

All in all i am a firm believer in customer reviews. There is no better way to find a good fence company in Austin Texas than research their reviews. Austin fence companies for the most part are good companies. The bad apples don’t last, or they have multipile bad reviews so stay away from them.

Thank you for giving me the chance to inform you about how to find a good fence company in Austin to choose.


How to get the best fence Materials for your fencing Austin, Texas

austin fence company Austin Fence Company


The materials used on your fence are the most important part of your fence construction. It is important to get the best quality fence materials for your fence construction. When picking your wood fence posts you should look for center cut posts. A center cut post is a post that shows the center of the rings in the 4×4 square of your post. This helps prevent the post from leaning from one side or the other.

The next thing to consider is the grade of the wood. You have 3 grades of fence pickets to choose from. Most fence companies in Austin, Texas use a standard grade 2 fence picket. Grade one pickets are the best, they are perfect with no grain marks, splits or knots. Grade two fence pickets are the pickets that most fence companies in Austin, Texas



How to build a fence

How to build a fence Austin, Texas

How to build a fence Austin, Texas

How to build a fence

The first step in building a fence is marking out the area where you plan on putting the fence.

Once you have marked out the area where you want your fence you need to dig your corner posts and set them in wet mix concrete.Then run a string from corner to corner so the rest of your posts will be in a straight line.

After you have all your posts set its time to run your 2×4′s It is important that you set each post on 8 foot centers that way your fence rails wont have to be cut. You will need to set your top rail 6″ from the top of the picket and the bottom rail 6″ above the bottom rail.

You need to nail your firt fence picket on and run down about 25′ and tac on another picket and run a string at the top of the pickets. This is a line to follow when you are installing the rest of your fence pickets. Repeat this process untill all of your fence pickets are up.

Each line will not line up perfect so you will have to cut a picket to fit in the gap left by the fence line not being the perfect size.

After you have this done it will be time to cut your fence posts to be flush with the top line of the top fence rail. If you set all your posts at 24″ deep you wont need to follow this step.

It is a very good idea that you treat your new fence with a water sealer. This will keep your new fence looking like a new fence.

By the way it is important to set all of your fence post in wet mix concrete. This will ensure that your new fence will last for years to come. Some fence companies in Austin, Texas will dry pack the fence posts and add water later to cut a corner and make their job faster.

When building your gate you will run your rails and pickets the same way as your fence. Then you will add your fence hendges. After that cut out the rails were the gap is were the latch goes. Add the latch and handle and your gate is done.

If you have any questions feel free to comment and I will answer you asap.